About Us

About Us

INFER is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and is established with a sole motive and objective to provide our clients with innovative, cost effective, time bound and high quality consultancy services and ensuring them with an improved performance of their projects, programs and policies in achieving sustainable development. We are a strong and passionate team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who all have the right and required professional expertise and experience in their respective fields.

INFER is a renowned and established name in providing services in the respective domain such as various developmental planning projects, policy making, market research and media study. Over the years with our experience and passion in the same industry, we have successfully delivered all our undertaken projects and assignments at both the international and domestic level. We are proud and elated to distinguish ourselves as the emerging name in providing multi-disciplinary consulting services and abide by delivering services the highest quality in all our projects with a world class experience.

Social Impact Assessment:

Bring in a positive shift in your business with our specially crafted social impact assessment program that helps and facilitates to rule out the positive and negative impacts that intervenes with the development and expansion and as well as hampers the growth of the project in the long run.

Land Acquisition Planning Services:

INFER is a one stop destination for every need of each type of land acquisition planning services which includes collection of revenue maps, digitization of revenue maps, collection of landholder’s details and preparation of land acquisition plan and report and liaison with Government departments.

Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Planning:

The specially crafted R&R planning processes for your Project needs and demands is curated to mitigate adverse effects, compensate losses, and provide development benefits to persons and communities affected by development projects.

Indigenous Peoples (Tribal) Development Planning:

This specific plan crafted by INFER is established with a motive of ensuring equal and better distribution of the planned projects and is working towards a developed tribal society for its enhanced welfare.

Poverty Analysis and Livelihood Planning:

INFER believes in conceptualising an intervention that will become a programme in the domain of sustainable livelihoods by planning plausible strategies aimed at obtaining results that will improve the lives of women and of men.

Environment Planning and Management:

We owe a lot to the environment, yet we are only destroying it. INFER’s environment planning management programme is aimed to contribute towards a sustainable designed and eco-friendly environment for the welfare and development of the society at large.

Capacity Building and Training:

INFER offers a bespoke training module that specifically targets to bring in a developed stage of mind and skill set that collectively works as an enhanced overall capacity to change the society for the better.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects:

INFER understands that to significantly and contribute in an effective way, constant M&E is required to measure the results and impacts of a developed project. Our M&E process follows an innovative and unique process that allows measuring and identifying the changes better.

Market Research:

Market research is an extremely important aesthetic to skilfully place your solution, product and service to your target audience in amongst your competitors. With an extensive experience and expertise in the same industry, we undoubtedly do it best for your business.

Media Studies and Opinion Research:

We research and evaluate the market trend with the effective media studies that typically is in alignment with the desired and expected results and outputs of an established project in the market.

Quality Assurance

We assure to provide time bound, customized and value to our clients. We thrive to assure quality form the project planning and implementing phase and provide consultancy and deliverables to our clients based on their needs. We adopt tools which are pre-tested and accustomed to the field where we intend to operate. Each of our activities goes through the proper checks by the respective experts in charge and finally goes to the client through proper compilation and external review.


Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative, cost effective, time bound and high quality consultancy services and enabling them in improving the performance of their projects, programs and policies in achieving sustainable development.

We are passionate about our work & help you planning for a better tomorrow


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