Our Services

We offer multidisciplinary consultancy services through our team of efficient professional. The team has real expertise and exposure in various fields at the field level. Our interdisciplinary approach enables us far superior then others to achieve the overall developmental goals. Our services spans across the following field and sectors:

We do social impact assessment to identify the intended and unintended social consequences, both positive and negative of planned interventions (policies, programs, plans, and projects) and any social change processes invoked by those interventions. We carry out analysis to identify and mainstream social issues for their inclusion into project design using participatory approach and analyzing culturally diversified issues of social exclusion among various segments of society. We deal with the variety of infrastructure development sectors like transport, irrigation, agriculture, energy, special economic zone, tourism, water supply and sanitation etc.
We offer complete land acquisition planning services for various infrastructure development projects which includes collection of revenue maps, digitization of revenue maps, collection of landholder’s details and preparation of land acquisition plan and report and liaison with Government departments. Our experts have wide spectrum of experience in land acquisition planning in various infrastructure development projects working for and with various state governments and many central government departments.
To mitigate adverse effects, compensate losses, and provide development benefits to persons and communities affected by development projects, we carry out R&R study and planning by integrating stakeholder’s needs and developing suitable mitigation measures. Our participatory approach in R&R planning enables our clients to administer sustainable and equitable development programs. We provide complete solution ranging impact assessment, asset inventory, census and socio-economic survey, stakeholder’s consultation, alternative analysis, compensation planning, livelihood planning and preparation of Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Plan.
We identify and assess the impacts of infrastructure development projects and other development schemes on tribal people and prepare Indigenous People’s (Tribal) Development Plan to ensure better distribution of the project benefits and promote development of the tribal people in the project areas.
We do analysis of the multi-dimensional nature of poverty by using various indicators and methods, quantitative and qualitative approaches and to integrate issues of poverty into the project cycle and for developing results based monitoring systems which are capable to assess program impacts on poverty. Based on our analytical assessment, we provide sustainable livelihood planning for the poor and vulnerable peoples affected by infrastructure development projects in various government schemes.
We provide advisory services in environmental planning and management of various infrastructure development projects through carry out and preparation of environmental impact assessment (EIA), environmental management Plan (EMP) and other mitigation plans. We also offer services for conducting environment audit of various private sector and public sector undertakings.
We carry out analysis of organizational process and using participatory approach we design training modules and impart training for institutional capacity building to various organizations and groups like government departments, agencies, non-governmental organizations and self help groups. We have capability to design and manage training in the field of project implementation in various social and environmental sectors including large-scale livelihood training project with the help of our multi-disciplined experienced professional team. We do stakeholders analysis, develop and implement information education communication (IEC) plan for various social development schemes for national and international agencies.
We carry out monitoring and evaluation of projects to provide constant feedback on the extent to which the projects are achieving their goals and to help identify potential problems at an early stage and propose possible solutions. We evaluate the extent to which the project is able to achieve its general objectives and provide guidelines for the planning of future projects.
We offer a wide range of consultancy on market research for the competitive market and multifaceted consumer world with the help of our experienced team. Our service includes product awareness, product testing, social implication study, consumer behavior study and product advertising, market assessment, depth interview, focused group discussion etc.
We assist policy makers and opinion makers in media by carrying out all type of media studies and opinion research and provide psychosocial analysis of mass behavior. Our professionals are well experienced in multi-variable data collection and analysis in the field of media studies and opinion researches by carrying out numerous projects all over India.